My Predictions for 2018


  1. Climate Change will continue to be a hot topic (because there is no consensus among the opposing parties).
  2. Nobody will come out with exact numbers for the world/national economy except one who will come out with close numbers (however, nobody will be able to predict who that person will be).
  3. Speculators will continue to pour money into cryptocurrencies.
  4. We will often come across news of gene editing.
  5. We will see the world is more divided on ideologies.
  6. Inequality will continue to exist and people will continue to point out.
  7. Scientists will come out with a new colorless matter.
  8. There will be more rain, snowfall, and sunshine.
  9. AI will continue to make strides (however, it will not come closer to humans).
  10. More people will be unemployed.
  11. A man with  blue T-shirt will become a national hero.

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