What I Did in the Past Three Years


  • Published 3 e-books and 1 paper back.
  • Published 15 articles.
  • Answered 560 questions in Quora.
  • Helped students to get their dream jobs.
  • Taught students to get admissions in premier schools/colleges.
  • Developed social network, which I started in 2015; 320 followers in Quora, 105 friends in FB, 130 followers in Twitter, and 31 connections in Linkedin.
  • I said Demonetization is good for the Indian society and economy. I also said that if it was not properly executed it would upset people’s everyday works.
  • I said that India’s demonetization will be closely watched by other countries to see whether it was a desirable public policy to be emulated.
  • I said that the solution for mounting NPAs is quality and professional lending by banks. Feasibility test for all projects is to be undertaken professionally taking into consideration of all possible factors that affect the viability.
  • I said water management is very important for Indian economy. Flood irrigation should be stopped and drip irrigation should be introduced. This would also help solving ground water depletion. Tube transportation of water is better than canal transportation of water. Village tank system that harvest rainwater should be restored to its original conditions and improvements should be carried out.
  • I said governments should give importance to Gross Domestic Wastage instead of Gross Domestic Production. Optimum use of materials will provide secured life for our future generations.
  • I said political parties are playing zero-sum-games which is not good for the economy. The one-sided growth and development destroys the spirit of democracy.
  • I said that most of the times what we see is not what it is.
  • I said that Yoga helps overall well being.
  • I said that the standard of a country is determined by the standard of its people.
  • I questioned that whether humans will be able to cope with the inventions and discoveries of science and technology as we are confronted with the slow process of evolution which rarely let down humans. Are we leading ourselves to self destruction?
  • I said Universal Basic Income will increase well being of people, free their mind from everyday worries. It would help people to perform creative works.

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