Living Without A Job

Living without a job

It is increasingly becoming difficult to get a job. Hundred thousand young people are applying for a mere 100 vacancies. The ratio of job applicants to number of vacancies will only increase in the coming years. Employers say that most of the job seekers are not skilled or not employable. Job seekers say that they are clueless about what skill if they acquire will fetch them a job. In this world, the skill requirement of the industries are changing and they are changing very fast. The cost of learning new skills are expensive. The technology change is faster than the time taken to acquire a new skill and settle in a job. Before we settle in a job we need to acquire another skill. Where are we heading towards?

This problem will continue to exist for some time. Then suddenly people will realize that Job is meaningless in this world. Before it happens something is to be done for what these young people will do next? Have you ever tried to live without a job and without much savings in your bank account? Try to live without a job and without your inheritance. If you can survive you will be successful and happy for ever.

Machines are efficient and most preferred for mass production that had stolen your jobs and will continue to put pressure on you. One day every job will be done by a machine. You will be just a spectator. What work will you do to earn your food and a shelter? Nothing.

How do you live without work? Somebody has to give you food for free. Even if you are given free food you become dependent and the masters don’t even expect you to work for your food. What do you do in that world? A meaningless and worthless life or a meaningful and innovative life. How do you pass your time? You depend on the masters for everything you need. The masters are depleting the resources as fast as possible so that you will have nothing to explore. We waste a lot of resources on things which are not essential to life. A case for an alternative world is compelling, where your life is meaningful and joyful. You will have the right to work and therefore the right for your food. You don’t depend on anybody anymore. You don’t get into the trap of dependency.

Your parents spoiled you by giving you money. Without that money you cannot think of a life. You stick on to that money. As long as you stick with that money you are happy, and the moment you are without money you are a big zero. Learn to live without money and you will know what life is. I tried to live without a job and without much savings in my bank account. It was quite difficult. My bank balance was coming down every succeeding month. Within 2 years I had to find a job that gave me regular income. I could not withstand the pressure of living without a job and without much money in my bank account. Life was not easy. Fortunately, getting a job was not very difficult for me at that time. I could find a job immediately. You don’t get anything without money. Money is a necessary evil. You need to work in order to get money. When you don’t find work what do you do? Whom do you approach for money?

The rise of Bitcoin could be a case of alternative world that is against the existing system. But Bitcoin is not a system of alternative world. It depends on the existing system to survive. It has to cooperate with the system or to destroy the system in order to survive. Any alternative world needs its own rule of survival. It has to create its own space, people, and economy that would in no way depend on the existing system and at the same time not in conflict with the other. That means the two systems will coexist in isolation. Any kind of cooperation between these two systems tells that the systems have inherent weaknesses to survive on their own. If it can thrive on its own strengths then only the alternative world will be successful. It should not strive to replace the existing system as mimicking the old system is meaningless and such mimicking only reveals the weakness of its foundation on which an alternative world is built.

The idea of ISIS could be another incident of alternative world. Thinking of alternative world is not new in the history of humans. Every political uprising is an incident of seeking an alternative world. Every socio-economic movement is an incident of seeking an alternative world. History also tells us that such incidents were oppressed only to emerge later with more power than before. This is because we did not understand the underlying factors which were responsible for such risings. Certain risings were successful and they tried to establish an alternative world that failed later. If we don’t find solutions for the causes the risings will continue to emerge from the graveyard. The ghost will continue to haunt us.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a temporary solution that can hold back the sufferings of people without jobs. Slowly and steadily the machines will take over all jobs or at least most jobs. If we believe in the efficiency of machines, then this will eventually happen. At that moment, UBI will become meaningless. The system has to go on free rationing. Central banks and their monetary system will lose their importance. What all is required for the machines to do work is a constant supply of energy? All other requirements of the machines will be taken care of by the machines themselves. If the machines learn to produce their own energy then our job is much easier. The machines will take care of your food crops. They will take care of food processing. They will take care of supply chains. They will take care of your kitchen. They can even feed the food into your mouth. What else do you want? What all you do is eat, watch TV, and sleep.

There is a catch here. What do you prefer, humans playing the shows or machines playing the shows? There might be some jobs for the humans that would be highly competitive. Such jobs will not provide you salary but value and a position. Humans and machines will compete with one another to entertain you. It has already begun.

All is well as long as the machines are doing their jobs correctly. In the event of collapse of the system, the people who suffer the most will be you. By that time, you will have forgotten all your survival abilities. You will not be able to do even the basic works. We need a second plan ready to tackle any such misadventure. The plan B should go side by side and be more powerful to stop any misadventure or at least allow us to begin where we stopped our normal work. One plan could even be leaving some remote tribes untouched by mainstream life so that the species survives in the event of system collapse.

The event of misadventure compels us not to lose our learned abilities that are necessary to survive on this planet. Education has to continue even though it does not give you any job. The purpose of education is knowledge and acquiring new knowledge. Perhaps it could be learning a new skill that the machines cannot do. You will not be competing with fellow humans but with the machines. The challenge of education may be to fix the malfunctioning of machines. Another big challenge of education is motivating children to learn. In the absence of motivation for money and materials, the motivation will stem from love of humanity. Teachers will lose their enthusiasm to teach our children without love for humanity. At present, teaching is a profession. In the world of machines, machines will be replacing the teachers. I learnt a lot from my teachers, then from books, and now from machines. But, why should I learn anything when I get my food, medicine, and a shelter for free? Children will try to enjoy their life without learning anything. Learning is painful especially when you don’t want to learn. At the same time, learning is joyful when you have a passion for that. The key is in your mind. How to train the children to inculcate this mind?

To begin with, we can trust our traditional motivation technique. Children will be awarded food stamps for their activities in the school, which they can use it for buying things. Perhaps, this can be extended to adults also. Instead of free rationing, food stamps will be given to people for their works and activities. This will help us to engage in some activities. The activities are anything from sports, arts, and research works. Some of us will supervise and grade these activities. In due course, children will learn the importance of learning and from there they will find learning is joyful. I think schools should start issuing food stamps to children for their activities on a graded basis as a motivation. Let them earn while they learn.


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